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Poseidon Bay

2009 AERC Jim Jones Top Ten

2009 Pinto Endurance Horse of the Year

2009 Top Ten Pinto Overall Horse of the Year

2007 PtHA Endurance Horse of the Year

2007 4th Place HW CT region AERC

2007 High Point Pinto OCER (endurance)

2005 PtHA Endurance Horse of the Year

1500+ AERC miles

1999 Homozygous Pinto Stallion by Calypso Bay and out of Princess Dynamite (1/2 Arabian Poirot daugher). He is 3/8 Arabian, 3/8 Saddlebred, 2/8 Paint.  This horse is gorgeous!  Poseidon has a beautiful head and large brown eyes.  He is not quite 15.3.   Poseidon has a wonderful gentle disposition.  He is extremely well behaved at rides.  Poseidon sires outstanding foals! 

For video see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBnDUgBs4ZY



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Poseidon Bay joins our endurance family!

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Poseidon Bay foals:

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              Poseysbabyheadbarnsm.JPG (38700 bytes)Poseysbabytrot1307.jpg (36095 bytes) Mojito Bay(xThoroughbred)

Annie (Arabian mare)

Paandorra's foals......

The boys: Perseeus, Proteeus, Phaetonn, Palaemon

The girls: Phoebee, Persephonne, Ppsyche.

Trident and Blue Eyed Ranger out of Maid of Mischief

Growing Up....